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Notion Student Organisation Template

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I've laid it all out, all you need to do is start

Increase your productivity and no need for extra planning

As a student, being organised is essential in being productive and acing your exams. This is a tried and tested template that I used when I was a student and it made sure that I never missed a deadline and kept me up to date with all the tasks that needed to be handed in.

-> The Student hub dashboard includes:

  • Digital clock
  • Weather forecast
  • A monthly calendar
  • View your year in percentage
  • Motivational quote
  • Customisable Timetable
  • Cute digital garden :)

-> Keeping track: Class Template includes:

  • Designated sections for course information and syllabus
  • Grade calculator
  • Note taking categorisation
  • Assignment tracker for each class

-> Customisable visualisations:

easily change how you view your tasks with:

  • tables
  • calendar
  • timelines

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Student Notion template: Track the assignment deadlines, store notes and plan well ahead for exams


Notion Student Organisation Template

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